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Men and Boys Council Calls on Candidates to Address ‘Boy Crisis’
During Upcoming Political Campaign

June 27, 2024 — The International Council for Men and Boys (ICMB) is urging candidates for political office to address the “Boy Crisis” as part of their campaign platforms. With news of a recent $20 million grant by Melinda French Gates to address these disparities (1), the ICMB asks future leaders to commit to tackling these challenges to ensure a balanced and equitable society.

Men and boys continue to face substantial disadvantages in areas such as education, health, workplace safety, and family law (2). These disparities are often downplayed or overlooked, resulting in a “boy crisis” that impairs their well-being and societal contributions.

Women have increasingly recognized the need to address these disparities. Numerous women-led organizations have spoken out about the necessity of supporting men and boys, challenging outdated modes of thinking that do not acknowledge male disadvantages (3).

Efforts to address these disparities are gaining traction around the world. Existing councils, such as those in the United States, Norway, and Mexico, have taken action on this need (4). In the United States, proposed councils and commissions aim to bring issues of boys and men to the forefront, advocating for relevant policy changes and increased funding (5).

ICMB calls on all political candidates, both Democratic and Republican, to commit to addressing the 12 areas of male disadvantage, including education, health, suicide, homelessness, false allegations, parental alienation, violence, criminal injustice, intimate partner violence, workplace safety, and reproductive rights.
Candidates are invited to take specific actions such as:

1. Adding a dedicated page to their website
2. Issuing a position paper
3. Posting relevant messages on social media
4. Holding public forums

These actions are essential for raising awareness and driving policy change. Candidates need to recognize how the boy crisis represents a threat to the future prosperity of our nation, and integrate solutions into their platforms (6).

The International Council for Men and Boys is a non-governmental organization that is working to end the 12 sex disparities that affect men and boys around the world. Achieving #GenderEqualityForMen also will benefit women.