I strongly believe that what our men need to hear, and feel from the world, is love. For me, outside of romantic relationships, I was far remiss in offering any such words to the other men in my life.” — Rachana Bhide

Women and Families Conference

On March 13, 2024, representatives from the International Council for Men and Boys made a presentation at the Women and Families Conference in New York City. During the question-and-answer period, the women offered these supportive comments:

  • “I am happy to be here and I am a supporter of men being men!”
  • “I want to tell you, thank you very much for discussing such an important issue because I’m from Liberia, Africa. Since I came here, I see how children are disconnected from their fathers. I want to tell you guys, thanks very much for raising these important issues.”
  • “I am with an organization called Big Ocean Women and we believe in faith, family, and motherhood, and the irreplaceable need for men in family situations. I am tired of the media maligning you and only projecting men as testosterone filled, violent people because they are not.”
  • “The feminization of poverty worldwide is because men have been removed from caring for their families.”

A video of  the entire session, including audience comments, can be viewed HERE.

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