Reproductive and Adoption Rights


  • Upon becoming pregnant, a woman can choose to have the baby, get an abortion, or put the baby up for adoption. Men have none of these rights.
  • Newsweek editorial: Give Men Reproductive Rights, Too

Strategies and Solutions:

  • Assertively speak out when men’s reproductive and adoption rights are ignored.


  • Definition: Paternity fraud is the intentional misidentification of a child’s biological father by his or her mother.
  • Research: Measuring Paternal Discrepancy and its Public Health Consequences:
    • Overall median: 3.7%
    • Mexico: 11.8%
    • Canada: 4.0%
    • France: 2.8%
    • United Kingdom: 1.4% to 1.6%
    • Switzerland: 0.8%
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  •  Articles:
    • SAVE: Paternity Fraud Continues to be a Devastating Problem for Some, But Progress is Being Made
    • Tony Zizza: Is Paternity Fraud The Perfect Crime?
    • Shak Inayat: Understanding Paternity Fraud in the UK

Strategies and Solutions:

According to Women Against Paternity Fraud:

  • For purposes of state compliance with paternity establishment targets and incentive payments, the federal government should count only those paternities that are confirmed by the DNA test.
  • Congress should also instruct the bureaucracy to count and identify the paternity fraud victims, develop mechanisms for their emancipation, and require procedures to minimize future paternity fraud victimization.
  • States should abolish all judicial or statutory barriers to the emancipation of paternity fraud victims.
  • States should mandate in-hospital DNA testing for all newborns and prohibit paternity establishment unless and until confirmed by DNA testing.
  • After any default judgement, states should require DNA testing immediately upon locating the defendant for garnishments or other enforcement action.